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I'm Frendy Wijaya
Founder of Nalar Naluri

I develop and cultivate creative businesses

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Web Design
Ui/Ux Design
40.7143528 -74.0059731 Jakarta - Surabaya
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Frendy Wijaya is a creative enthusiast and business developer who inspires and motivates creative businesses on how to marry technologies and work environment to solve everyday issue in any production pipeline. He organizes teams of web & UI/UX designers and developers since 2012 by creating his own project communication system that helps the team and the clients collaborate in a way that is proven to be efficient.

Occasionally, He is also invited to give keynote lectures in Binus University on navigating the creative industries. He believes that creative industries can be though sometimes and it is very important to deliver, whatever the cost. He also motivates designers to learn some basic programming languages to help them communicate better with the programmers & developers.

Team Leader

"No politics in the office is the rule and spending your time working in the office should be fun and welcoming."

Problem Solver

"Problem is an opportunity to learn something new, and learning something new is always fun."


"Passing the knowledge and skills to others is leaving a legacy to live on, and it is infectious."

A Simple Man

"Never mixes personal and professional stuff. It just never works."


Things That Intrigue Me

Spearheaded Teams of Developers and Designers Since 2012

Years in technology and creative industries have sharpen my knowledge on how different people works and what drives them. Managing them to work efficiently as a single unit is always a welcoming challenge that drives me.

What I do
My Resume //

The Journey

How I Got Here

Currently running a technology company that solves businesses issue around the globe by providing solution in various mediums and forms. This is a brief on how I got here.

Nalar Naluri Indonesia

Founder & CEO


Team Leader & Design Director

As the head of the company, I organize the key players of the production team while keeping the work environment as efficient and lively as possible. I believe in "no politics" office policy and spending the time in the office can be fun and productive at the same time.

  • Oversee the production pipeline
  • Providing creative solution to client and team
  • Managing deliveries of services and products
Company details +

Treeflo Global (now DesktopIP)

Design Director


Branding, UI UX Development

DesktopIP is one of the first cloud computing players in Indonesia. They made remote computing accessible around the time citrix and TeamViewer began their expansion to this region back in 2009. I was in charge of developing their very first User Interface for the public to use while also tackling their branding issue. I managed and organized two developers and two designers to achieve the company marketing and production goals within a very short period of time.

Company Details +

BluPost Indonesia

3D Artist


Film & Commercials Pipeline Experience

Being part of the film production pipeline and a Visual FX artist, I was able to explore some of the best creative practices in the industry. The key lesson I get from it was the importance of creative planning and traversing the execution phase.

  • Offering creative inputs to commercial pitches
  • Developing VFX assets
  • Communicating ideas to clients

Lasalle College of The Arts - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scholar & Intern


A Study on Art, Film, and Technology

Majoring in film animation, I learnt the fundamental of filmmaking and production pipeline. I took 3D path to pursue the knowledge of 3D animation, CGI, and visual effects. My final works was featured in 3D Artist Magazine. Joined MiT Gambit program during my final year to explore game development and user interface for game.

The Company I Built

It's the snapshot of Nalar Naluri in 2018, the company I built and nurture with family values in mind.

//How I Work

On Going

Current Projects

I am currently working on few mobile application projects within Nalar Naluri. We aim to deliver business solution to dozen of companies to improve and leverage their work efficiency internally and also publicly.

  • nalarnaluri

    Nalar Naluri is a mother company of several SAAS products that provide business solution in human resources management, production management, and marketing. We build and develop web and mobile applications to help companies minimise the work needed to achieve their targets. Nalar Naluri has been around since 2012 and now we have offices in both Jakarta and Surabaya.

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  • prototab

    Prototab is a mobile application service under Nalar Naluri management. Established in early 2019 to accomodate the rising demand of mobile application in Indonesia. We have developed few application solutions such as inventory management system, membership & loyalty programs, and also project management system.

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  • Appsisten is a human resource management app for small-medium enterprises. It helps growing companies mitigate their cost in managing their employee and also cutting down the time and effort needed to sort out human resource related processes.

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The Clients

I am lucky enough to be part of their journey in making differences and improvements.

Collaborate and make something awesome.

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